It’s frustrating to be told “you just have to live with it” when you have knee pain and nothing shows up on Xrays, or you have knee arthritis but it’s not bad enough for surgery. Many patients in this situation come to see Dr. Winder after medication, physical therapy, and exercise have failed to help their knees. Dr. Winder often finds the key to helping these people lies in addressing problems in their feet, hips or even low back, where there is dysfunction but no tell-tale pain. Correcting these hidden problems can give surprising relief to sufferers of knee pain.

Dr. Winder also treats many patients who have un-resolving pain after a total knee replacement. Even when the surgery seems to have gone well, knee replacements can result in unexplained pain and stiffness after the normal healing period. This can often be helped greatly with Residual Strain Therapy and other manual therapies, restoring normal tissue pliability to the surgical area. Dr. Winder often starts treating patients soon after their surgery to accelerate recovery and prevent problems from developing, and most of these patients “graduate early” from rehab, even if they were high-risk for complications and slower rehab.