Sarasota Chiropractor Dr. Eric WinderEric Winder DC

Dr. Winder finds himself today in his dream job – helping people, working with his hands, and solving challenging problems. He also teaches and performs research as a natural outgrowth of his clinical work.  He began his career path in biological research, but he developed debilitating headaches in his early twenties that derailed his career direction.  Many expert health practitioners tried to help relieve the headaches, to no avail.

Dr. Winder finally found help in the form of more progressive manual therapies that restored his health.  Inspired to start a new career, he now applies his scientifically inquisitive nature to understanding and helping solve a wide range of health problems for thousands of patients. Dr. Winder and his wife Mira have five grown children.  They moved to Sarasota from western Pennsylvania in 2013.

Rowan Winder LMT

Rowan works both as a chiropractic assistant for patient therapy, and as a private massage therapist seeing his own clients. He helps Dr. Winder’s patients with fascia release, active isolated stretching and exercise therapies. For his massage clients, he offers therapeutic sessions based on Swedish massage with a variety of fascia release, rocking, and other therapeutic techniques.

katie-desk-crop-2Katie McCausland

Katie runs the front desk with a caring, service-oriented style. She can answer your questions about billing and scheduling, and gladly will help you in any way she can. Katie is the mother of four grown children, and lives in Venice with her husband.